The Good The Bad And The Multiplex Whats Wrong With Modern Movies

Published June 19, 2011 by Random House UK.

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5 stars

As a fan of Kermode & Mayo's Film Review through their podcast, Mark's views on 3D and digital projection replacing 35mm alongside others resonate throughout with additional insight into the modern film industry. This is far beyond a bad thing.

Mark Kermode combines personal anecdotes with reportage to bring the issues facing modern movies to the forefront. What's the deal with 3D? Why the nostalgia for the reel-to-reel? How did box office openings make or break a film and the studios involved? Kermode answers all of these questions and more revealing many gears which drive the industry--from production and distribution to film critics themselves and the issues with the British multiplex.

Like me, if you're familiar with Kermode's rants and ramblings, this book should flow along with little issues semantic-wise. If not, it might take some time to adjust and for some sections to make sense and form the bigger …