American Caesar

Douglas MacArthur, 1880-1964

793 pages

English language

Published June 27, 1978 by Little, Brown.


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3 stars

Phew! This was a long book for me -- I like to keep them around 300 pages.

Great insight into General Douglas MacArthur, in a time when several larger-than-life personalities drive our political scenes. I have a naturally skeptical nature, and growing up hearing that MacArthur was a True Hero and defender of the United States against communism, I was looking forward to a more factual account of the man, his strategies, and the environment in which he operated. There's definitely that in this book: the feeling that things could have gone very differently with somewhat different decisions made, and not always the right ones were.

Particularly MacArthur in the Philippines and Japan was fascinating. That he could so totally understand the culture there and miss the subtle cues from China is baffling. He had a huge ego, but a huge character and charisma to match. He was self-aware enough …


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