The Oregon experiment

(The Center for Environmental Structure Series #Volume 3)

190 pages

English language

Published Jan. 5, 1975 by Oxford University Press.


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Describes how the techniques in Alexander's timeless way of building were used to revise the the University of Oregon's campus master plan.

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The Oregon Experiment

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The first volume in this series describes a timeless way of building realizing the quality with no name by organizing patterns of local habit within a languages of local custom. The second volume describes patterns and languages for designing and constructing towns of predominantly residential buildings. This third volume applies these techniques to a single large project: revising the University of Oregon’s campus master plan.

The case study deals largely with the hows and whys of project organization and management. Oddly, these matters are handled as lists of procedures and rules, not as patterns and languages. It may be that project management is antithetical to the quality with no name, or maybe applying the timeless way to the timeless way would make things too recursive and meta. There are some examples of designs developed by patterns and languages, but the emphasis on higher-level matters seems to make them less lively …


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