Hereticus (The Eisenhorn Trilogy, Book 3)

Mass Market Paperback, 320 pages

English language

Published Aug. 1, 2002 by Games Workshop.

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Everyone loves a good character development. Well, this book is that, but ambiguous. I think the Inquisition is an abusive force in that world. I'm not sure about the Warp, Taint or whatever it is they're combating. It seemed like the only redeeming trait of the Inquisition that they're fighting against something even worse than them. But Eisenhorn gives into using this "wrong" kind of power more and more, all the while telling himself it's for a good reason. The ending says he continues to work for the Inquisition, and it makes it feel like he somehow did redeem himself when in fact it only reinforces the initial impression - the Inquisition is an abusive force in that world and it's that because of the abusive men making it up.

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