The Princess and the Pony

40 pages

English language

Published Sept. 26, 2015

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5 stars (2 reviews)

The Princess and the Pony is a 2015 children's picture book illustrated by Kate Beaton. She won the Children's Book Award in 2016 for The Princess and the Pony. She said that the book was inspired by her nephew. It is her first book written for children.The Princess and the Pony turns stereotypical situations up-side-down. Princess Pinecone is a "strong female character," and a warrior. She wants a warhorse for her birthday, but instead gets a very cute pony. The pony is flatulent and Princess Pinecone is very unhappy with it at first. Princess Pinecone can't teach it to fight in battle and despite this, she enters it in a tournament where the other warriors are won over by the pony's cute antics. The story is meant to be humorous. The Quill and Quire called the illustrations in the book "inclusive" because of Princess Pinecone's mixed heritage and that the …

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