Billy Budd

mass market paperback, 128 pages

English language

Published May 6, 1992 by TOR.

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TRIALS OF THE HANDSOME SAILOR Aboard the warship Bellipotent, the young orphan Billy Budd was called the Handsome Sailor. Billy was tall, athletic, noble looking; he was friendly, innocent, helpful and ever-cheerful. He was a fierce fighter and a loyal friend. All the men and officers liked him...

All but one: Master-at-Arms Claggart. Envious, petty Claggart plotted to make Billy's life miserable. But when a fear of mutinies swept through the fleet, Claggart realized he could do more than just torment the Handsome Sailor...

He could frame Billy Budd for treason... (back cover)

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4 stars

 Published in 1924, [a:Herman Melville|1624|Herman Melville|]'s [b:Billy Budd|831409|Billy Budd|Herman Melville||2764239] was completed in 1891. It was Melville's last work.
 Melville was an American author who wrote great works, but when you read him you can see why many scholars of American literature say [a:Mark Twain|1244|Mark Twain|]'s writing marked the beginning of American literature. Melville's prose is deep and ponderous and makes you think of the English writers of that era. Twain's style was open, fresh and, of course, humorous.
 The copy I have has a forward and afterward by James Gunn, a writer known for his science fiction.
 Times have changed since Billy Budd was written and since Gunn wrote about it in this 1988 edition. Gunn describes the key relationship in the novel, that of a superior officer who accuses Billy Budd, a sailor, as one shrouded in mystery. The officer, Claggart, hates Budd enough that he …

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3 stars

They found this in HM's papers and I don't think it was published until the 20th century. I can't really recommend it, but you should see what Benjamin Britten and EM Forster did with it (get the new Blu-Ray DVD with Jacques Imbrailo and John Mark Ainsley) you will shit yourself.

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