Wann endlich beginnt meine Story?

perfect paperback, 480 pages

German language

Published Feb. 8, 2022 by Loewe Verlag GmbH.

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4 stars (7 reviews)

Das Buch ist bei deiner Buchhandlung vor Ort und bei vielen Online-Buchshops erhältlich! Warten auf die große Liebe Georgia ist 18 und noch immer ungeküsst. Sie war noch nie verliebt, noch nicht einmal ein bisschen verknallt. Dabei schwärmt sie für alles, was so richtig schön romantisch ist: Hochzeiten, Liebesgeschichten und Happily-Ever-Afters. Der Richtige wird schon noch kommen, oder? Oder die Richtige? Irgendwann … Aber was, wenn nicht?

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reviewed Loveless by Alice Oseman

Made me feel heard.

5 stars

Probably the single best aroace representation in any book, maybe any form of media. Has a really great message about love, even if the reader isn't apart of the GSRM. Characters are all very well written and likeable, Sunil was my personal favourite. Absolute classic, will likely reread it frequently.

An Important Book

4 stars

Content warning Some minor story spoilers here, fair warning.

Review of 'Loveless' on 'Goodreads'

5 stars

I know that there is some critique about the delivery of aromantik and asexuality, because it focuses on one particular "brand".
I thought that they absolutely pointed out that there are other ways. positive, negative, indifferent... It might be that I saw that and thought it was ok, because I do know quite a bit about the topic and am well aware that there are a gazillion ways to experience these feelings, or the lack thereof. So I can agree that it might be quite one-sided for someone who has no experience.
However, I loved that Georgia is someone who reads smut and enjoys it, which makes the entire idea of being ace so ridiculous. She was not someone who hated the idea per see, and I think that is a very important point and made it in my eyes also less rigid than others complein.
I gave it 5 …

Review of 'Loveless' on 'Goodreads'

3 stars

Okay, I bought this book when I saw it at Target for a few reasons. One, I've read Heartstopper and have been interested in Loveless for a while, since, two, I'm aroace myself. Three, the cover on this edition is super pretty. After reading, I can say that although this book wasn't quite my style, I will definitely be keeping it for the pretty purple cover.

Loveless is an easy read, and I blew through it in maybe two days. The main character, Georgia, goes on a journey of self-discovery from high school graduation through college. She brings her college roommate into her friend group, blows it up, and then pulls it back together. Alice's works feel like they could really be about modern teens or young adults, and I enjoyed the banter and the group dynamics in Loveless. I could also relate to Georgia, even though our aroace experiences …

Review of 'Loveless' on 'GoodReads'

4 stars

I received an ARC
TW: internalized acephobia, gatekeeping & prejudice, implied toxic/abusive relationship

Georgia love romcoms and reading about love, but on the realization that her only crush wasn't a real crush at all, love starts to be something she feels desperate about. All she's ever wanted was a perfect romance- and university is the exact right place to do it. Except... what if it's not about where she is and who's available, but her herself? Armed by her best friends and their own complicated love lives, and a roommate with confidence to spare, Georgia is determined to figure out how to fix herself.

I loved how cute this book was! It's still really rare to see aromantic & asexual representation in media, and even rarer to see it done well instead of making a blanket statement on both, and even rarer to see the representation coming from the …

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3 stars
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