The white princess

No. 5 : Cousins' war Cousins' war -- 05

549 pages

English language

Published Dec. 17, 2014 by Simon & Schuster.

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Passionately in love with Richard III in spite of her arranged marriage to pretender to the throne Henry Tudor, Princess Elizabeth of York is forced to marry the man who murdered her lover and create a royal family under the controlling gaze of his mother, Margaret Beaufort.

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2 stars

I'm marking this DNF because at this point if I continue reading its just going to disintegrate into hate reading. I'm not sure if Philippa Gregory just got lazy or what but this is borderline terrible. I'm not saying that PG was ever the world's best author but at least her previous books didn't read like YA novels. I'm pretty sure this was written on a 6th grade reading level, and maybe that was her intent - to widen her audience appeal, but the things that made The Other Boleyn Girl a good book are largely missing here. All we have is a girl who whines at every opportunity for her poor dead Richard. Somewhere I read someone complain that Princess Elizabeth was written as a 20th century woman, which is fairly accurate. I want to read this but I don't want to by annoyed by it and I'm not …

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3 stars


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