Ender's Shadow

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Ender's Shadow (2011, Little, Brown Book Group Limited)

384 pages

English language

Published Dec. 17, 2011 by Little, Brown Book Group Limited.


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Review of "Ender's Shadow" on 'Storygraph'

1 star

Ender's Shadow takes a minor (but memorable) character from Ender's Game and fills out his story in a cool way. Unfortunately it did so by ramping up ableism until it is inextricable from the premise, the plot, and two of the main characters.

Review CW for quoting ableist language from the text. 

For those of you who still like this series, I understand why, I used to love it too. When I first discovered this series I actually read Ender's Shadow before I read Ender's Game. I read it over and over because I needed something in it. Something that understood how much adult pressure I was under while still a child, how much I felt too old for my skin while being expected to be brilliant. There's a lot of ways that this book speaks to kids who, for whatever reason, are pushed to grow up too quickly. The …


  • Fiction, science fiction, hard science fiction
  • Wiggin, ender (fictitious character), fiction
  • Battle school (imaginary place), fiction