Our Game

Paperback, 416 pages

Published Sept. 21, 2000 by Sceptre.

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4 stars

Tim Cranmer--a prematurely retired British secret service agent--is asked by both the local police and his former employers about the disappearance of Dr. Larry Pettifer, his childhood acquaintance and long-time double agent against the former Soviet Union. However, not only has Larry disappeared, but also ₤37 million from the Russian government and Emma, Tim's young girlfriend.

This is my second time through this novel. The first time was almost twenty years ago, when it was first released. Times have changed, and so have I, but this book remains an overlooked gem in a remarkable writing career.

Knowing about the plot twists and the eventual outcome doesn't hinder the reading of this story at all. At its heart, it's a story of friendship and betrayal, loyalty to a greater cause, and a discussion about the West's role (or lack thereof) regarding Russia's dealings with breakaway regions. It also deals with British …

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4 stars


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