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Published May 12, 1978 by Del Rey.


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Basically Dragon Lewds 70s style

5 stars

A romance writer doing fantasy/scifi what could possibly go wrong. So here's how the story goes Rukbat was a golden G type star in the Sagitarian sector with blah blah blah. If you know it's a classic. Fun Fact Rukbat is a real star, it's a blue-white about 50 times the size of our sun. No habitable zone unfortunately. The thing about this story is the setting is great it's basically a high fantasy world created atop the ruins of a once great scientific one. One of the thing the Science guys Scienced particularly well in was bioengineering. They literally created freeking dragons because they needed an air force and ran out of oil. Cool right ok here's the thing though. They also kind of invented Time Travel with it because they went a bit crazy with the telepathic genes, And none of the Science stuff actually works. Just treat …

reviewed Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey

There's one glaring issue I can't get over

3 stars

The good: it's an interesting world with interesting characters, it's reasonably paced & well written. The audiobook read by Dick Hill is terrific, he's a very good actor.

The neutral: it's kind of an odd idea to justify a high fantasy world with a science fiction premise. (Ursula K. Le Guin also did this with the early Hainish novels, particularly the first one, Rocannon's World.) The SF elements do enter more into the story as the book progresses, leading to a somewhat bizarre, but satisfying conclusion.

The bad: First of all I find it difficult to relate to nobility, which is unfortunate because nearly all the named characters in this story are some variety of noble. The whole plot of the book serves to justify the Dragonmen's rule over the Holds (themselves feudal). It's made obvious that (literal) draconic protection is necessary, but it surely could be achieved without Draconic …

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