A Backstory

English language

Published Jan. 10, 2022 by Simon & Schuster.

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4 stars (3 reviews)

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Food for Thoughts

4 stars

I always knew butts were no exception to "everything is political", but Radke demonstrate how they are very much political. The writing style, the chronological ordering, tying up everything nicely with some criticism and just a small but healthy amount of personal experience from the author. All around a good read about how the history of the body is so connected to the histories of race and gender.

Review of 'Butts' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

. There’s a lot of good information here, and it’s all connected together nicely, and gives the reader a lot to think about. There isn’t much of a conclusion, which I guess isn’t necessary but it makes the book feel a little unfinished. I’ll still be recommending it. It’s a smooth reading experience if not necessarily an “easy” read, as Radke does call tackle some more difficult subjects later on: appropriation and racism.

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3 stars