Ruthless Gods

A Novel

audio cd

Published April 7, 2020 by Macmillan Young Listeners.

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I started reading this a week after reading the first book, WICKED SAINTS, and I don't know what's happening or why I should care. I mention the timeframe to make it clear that my confusion is not a result of waiting a long time between reading the first book and picking up the sequel. I'm perfectly fine being confused by a book, there are some I've praised for being fascinating while also spending a long time being largely incomprehensible. But I just can't get into the central motivation of "girl must save demon nightmare boy from something (??)? by doing something (???)". I can handle a book being boring for a little while, and I'm fine with confusion, but this combination of unclear stakes, revelations without enough tension, general lack of context, and a plot I just can't get into means I'm going ahead and stopping now. 

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