Labor Law for the Rank and Filer

Building Solidarity While Staying Clear of the Law

118 pages

English language

Published Jan. 24, 2008 by PM Press.

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Review of 'Labor Law for the Rank and Filer' on 'GoodReads'

4 stars

I'm totally new to this "Labor Law" thing and picked this up because someone sent me an email about it. Things I learned:

- individual workers need to be protected from unions as well as their employers; though on balance unions are probably more interested in the workers' benefit than their employers are

- collective action need not be through a formal union

- there's a lot of trickiness around what's legal to do and what's not - doubly so if you're part of a formal union

Things I need to think about:

- this seems very geared at traditional 'working stiffs.' How does this apply in a tech industry context?


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