Paperback, 408 pages

English language

Published Aug. 1, 2010 by Viking.

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4 stars (1 review)

Semi-famous former hit-singer Hollis Henry is running on empty. Lacking whatever it is that made her life tick, she agrees to work again for sinister Belgian businessman Hubertus Bigend, proprietor of the mysterious Blue Ant agency.

Ex-junkie Milgrim's also on the payroll. Bigend appreciates Milgrim's knowledge of the street and his linguistic skills so much that he's paid for his costly rehab, and now he has him on a project working on something to do with military designs. Milgrim doesn't know why – and Bigend isn't saying. But then Milgrim's also not telling Bigend about the US agent on his trail.

Soon it's clear to Hollis and Milgrim that Bigend and Blue Ant are in deep trouble. Powerful and threatening groups want Blue Ant to back off. And anyone considered a footsoldier for Bigend is liable to find themselves caught in the crossfire.

Set among London's dark and tangled streets …

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