Hardcover, 489 pages

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Published by Dynamite Entertainment.

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On the planet of Taldain, the legendary Sand Masters harness arcane powers to manipulate sand in spectacular ways. But when they are slaughtered in a sinister conspiracy, the weakest of their number, Kenton, believes himself to be the only survivor. With enemies closing in on all sides, Kenton forges an unlikely partnership with Khriss -- a mysterious Darksider who hides secrets of her own. Assassins are coming for them from all directions, and Kenton's only true ally is Khriss, a visitor from the other side of the planet who has an agenda of her own to pursue.

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2 stars

Time to Read: 4 hours 19 minutes

Rating: 4/10

I went into this story knowing the graphic novel was lowly rated and generally considered the worst cosmere entry. I probably should've read the prose version instead and might eventually decide to IDK. It'll probably be quicker to list the things I like with no caveats.

1. I like Khriss as a character.
2. I liked when wider Cosmere implications were hinted at like a guy named Trell showing up.
3. Lord Admiral's story with getting screwed over by the guild and then getting revenge on them was fun.
4. Ais' character conflict and arc if a little under baked is good.

Now stuff I like in concept but not so much in execution because I felt like it was underdeveloped.

1. Aarik's character arc.
2. Drile's character arc/conflict with Kenton. The Drile fight doesn't work as a climax because the …

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