All the Skills

A Deck Building LitRPG , #1

Audiobook, 513 pages

Published Dec. 20, 2022

5 stars (2 reviews)

The most Arthur could hope for was to someday earn a trash-tier spell card. When fate grants him a Master of Skills card, he's thrust into a world of opportunity and danger.

To survive and grow strong, Arthur must learn skills. All the skills.

This is an epic progression-fantasy with strong gamelit elements, featuring a unique card-based magic system.

1 edition

Pick A Card

5 stars

When this title first crossed my path, I rejected it because "deck building" felt like a step too far - even for litRPG. When a friend recommended I try it, I gave it a go and regretted waiting so long to get into a marvelously imagined and portrayed world of dragons and magic, of friendship and betrayal.

The main character Arthur is thrust too young into the wider world when his curiosity takes him away from his chores and into danger. His trials and tribulations make for wonderful story fodder as he works his way from the only home he's ever known to the center of a dragon hive, where dragons and riders work to contain the vicious scourgling-eruptions.

Cards form the magical conceit with dragons, born with magic, bonding with humans who only gain magic through the acquisition of magic cards which grant them every power imaginable. Some trite. …

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5 stars


  • LitRPG
  • Fantasy
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