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If you're here, I can probably guess two things about you. 1. You like tech. 2. You hate DRM. So this is a curated collection of fiction ebooks that are worth your time and also don't have DRM from legal retailers. Unless otherwise stated, you can get these from ebooks.com without DRM applied. This list might be small at first, but as I read and get recommendations, hopefully it will continue to grow.

  1. A Psalm for the Wild-Built by  (Monk and Robot, #1)

    4 stars

    It’s been centuries since the robots of Panga gained self-awareness and laid down their tools; centuries since they wandered, en …

  2. High Times in the Low Parliament by 

    5 stars

    Kelly Robson is back with fairies, scribes, and many many kisses in High Times in the Low Parliament.

    Lana Baker …

  3. Under the Whispering Door by ,

    4 stars

    Welcome to Charon's Crossing. The tea is hot, the scones are fresh, and the dead are just passing through.

    When …

  4. Radicalized by 

    4 stars

    Four short stories about the near future and the dystopia we're building for ourselves.

  5. Walkaway by ,

    4 stars

    Walkaway is a 2017 science fiction novel by Cory Doctorow, published by Head of Zeus and Tor Books. Set in …

  6. Gardens of the Moon : The Malazan Book of the Fallen, Book One by 

    4 stars

    The opening chapter in an epic fantasy masterpiece....Bled dry by interminable warfare, infighting and bloody confrontations with Lord Anomander Rake …

  7. Redshirts by 

    4 stars

    Fähnrich Andy Dahl heuert als Redshirt auf der Intrepid, dem Flaggschiff der Universal Union, an. Damit geht für den jungen …

  8. The City in the Middle of the Night by 

    4 stars

    Would you give up everything to change the world?

    Humanity clings to life on January – a colonized planet divided …

  9. The Healers' Road by  (The Balance Academy, #1)

    4 stars

    Agna had looked forward to her overseas assignment for the last four years. It was just a side project on …

    Kantolope says:

    From the author's Gumroad: serobertsonfiction.gumroad.com/

  10. The Eye of the World by  (The Wheel of Time, #1)

    4 stars

  11. An Alchemy of Masques and Mirrors by 

    No rating

    Born with a physical disability, no magical talent, and a precocious intellect, Princess Isabelle des Zephyrs has lived her life …

  12. The Order of the Pure Moon Reflected in Water by 

    4 stars

    A bandit walks into a coffeehouse, and it all goes downhill from there. Guet Imm, a young votary of the …

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