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  1. The Con Queen of Hollywood by 

    4 stars

    “This book is as engrossing as anything by Agatha Christie, as unsettling as a novel by Stephen King, and reported …

  2. The Heat Will Kill You First by 

    4 stars

    Most Anticipated by The New York Times and The Washington Post• New York Times bestselling journalist's "masterful, bracing" (David Wallace-Wells) …

  3. Ten arguments for deleting your social media accounts right now by 

    3 stars

    You might have trouble imagining life without your social media accounts, but virtual reality pioneer Jaron Lanier insists that we’re …

  4. Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man by 

    4 stars

    In this revelatory, authoritative portrait of Donald J. Trump and the toxic family that made him, Mary L. Trump, a …

  5. Fancy Bear Goes Phishing by 

    4 stars

    Fancy Bear Goes Phishing is an entertaining account of the philosophy and technology of hacking—and why we all need to …

  6. Blood in the Machine by 

    5 stars

    The true story of what happened the first time machines came for human jobs, when an underground network of 19th …

  7. Chokepoint Capitalism by , ,

    4 stars

    A call to action for the creative class and labor movement to rally against the power of Big Tech and …

  8. Information Doesn't Want to Be Free by 

    4 stars

    Information Doesn't Want to Be Free takes on the state of copyright and creative success in the digital age. Can …

  9. Der Tyrann by 

    5 stars

    Was uns Shakespeare über Trump, Putin und Co. verrät

    Wie kann es sein, dass eine Nation in die Hände eines …

  10. Extremely Online by 

    4 stars

    Acclaimed Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz presents a groundbreaking social history of the internet—revealing how online influence and the creators …

  11. The Future is Degrowth by , ,

    4 stars

    Economic growth isn’t working, and it cannot be made to work. Offering a counter-history of how economic growth emerged in …

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