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These are the first books in various series that are worth reading.

  1. Lords of the Middle Dark by  (The Rings of the Master, #1)

    3 stars

    In a misguided effort to preserve the human race, machines have enslaved the species. Five unlikely heroes must find the …

  2. On a Pale Horse by  (Incarnations of Immortality, #1)

    4 stars

  3. Jhereg by  (Vlad Taltos, #1)

    4 stars


    There are many ways for a young man with quick wits and a quick sword to advance in …

  4. Ender's Game by  (Ender's Saga, #1)

    4 stars

    Ender's Game is a 1985 military science fiction novel by American author Orson Scott Card. Set at an unspecified date …

  5. Wild Seed by  (Patternmaster, #1)

    4 stars

    In an "epic, game-changing, moving and brilliant" story of love and hate, two immortals chase each other across continents and …

  6. Spellsinger by  (Spellsinger, #1)

    4 stars

    Spellsinger #1

    “Among sentient animals and humans, hard-headed and hard-shelled wizard Clothahump searches across dimensions for a wizard to defeat …

  7. The Magicians by  (Magicians, #1)

    3 stars

    A thrilling and original coming-of-age novel about a young man practicing magic in the real world

    Quentin Coldwater is brilliant …

  8. Trading in Danger by  (Vatta's War, #1)

    4 stars

    Kylara Vatta is the only daughter in a family full of sons, and her father's only child to buck tradition …

  9. The Demons at Rainbow Bridge by  (The Quintara Marathon, #1)

    4 stars

  10. Space Team by  (Space Team, #1)

    4 stars

    Cal Carver is having a bad day. Imprisoned and forced to share a cell with a cannibalistic serial killer, Cal …

  11. Quarter Share by  (Trader's Tales From The Golden Age Of The Solar Clipper, #1)

    4 stars

  12. In Ashes Born by  (A Seeker's Tale From The Golden Age Of The Solar Clipper, #1)

    5 stars

  13. The Lost Gate by  (Mither Mages, #1)

    4 stars

  14. Guardians of the West by  (The Malloreon, #1)

    4 stars

    Garion had slain the evil God Torak and been crowned King of Riva. The Prophecy was fulfilled—or so it seemed. …

  15. Seventh Son by  (The Tales of Alvin Maker, #1)

    4 stars

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