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Novels with transmasculine protagonists

  1. Peter Darling by 

    4 stars

    Ten years ago, Peter Pan left Neverland to grow up, leaving behind his adolescent dreams of boyhood and resigning himself …

  2. The Raven Tower by 

    4 stars

    Listen. A god is speaking. My voice echoes through the stone of your master's castle. The castle where he finds …

  3. The well of loneliness by 

    No rating

    Stephen is an ideal child of aristocratic parentsa fencer, a horse rider and a keen scholar. Stephen grows to be …

  4. Stone Butch Blues by 

    5 stars

    Stone Butch Blues is a historical fiction novel written by Leslie Feinberg about life as a butch lesbian in 1970s …

  5. Confessions of the Fox by 

    5 stars

    Set in the eighteenth century London underworld, this bawdy, genre-bending novel reimagines the life of thief and jailbreaker Jack Sheppard …

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