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The Sumerians (Paperback, 1971, University Of Chicago Press) No rating

A depiction of the Sumerian civilization in ancient Mesopotamia based on excavated literary tablets. Describes …

...the king, or as he is known in Sumerian, the "big man"...

The Sumerians by (Page 74)

Props to the children's pamphlet I just read that went into detail about the etymology of "lu(2)-gal" as lu(2), meaning man, and gal, meaning big, which form a compound word in Sumerian, an agglutinative language, as well as providing the cuneiform characters.

The Noma Guide to Fermentation (Hardcover, 2018) No rating

At Noma--four times named the world's best restaurant--every dish includes some form of fermentation, whether …

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Vegan Meat Cookbook (2021, Ten Speed Press) No rating

Content warning this is the pettiest recipe pet peeve, but:

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