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Grace Curtis: Floating Hotel (2024, DAW) No rating

Welcome to the Grand Abeona Hotel: home of the finest food, the sweetest service, and …


No rating

I liked a lot about this book, even though I felt like it lacked some polish, particularly in wrapping the plot up. It is told through slice-of-life-ish vignettes about various characters and how they ended up working at the hotel, with the story revealed incidentally in the background the character's stories. I found this book endearing but ultimately... it's not really a hotel is it? isn't it a cruise ship? this bothered me a lot.

Lee Mandelo: The Woods All Black (EBook, 2024, Doherty Associates, LLC, Tom) No rating

The Woods All Black is equal parts historical horror, trans romance, and blood-soaked revenge, all …

This ended up not really being my thing; the supernatural stuff didn't work for me and it was offering a kind of catharsis that I'm not looking for. But I liked the historical fiction stuff a lot and I'm glad I read it nonetheless

George Jean Nathan: The Bachelor Life (Hardcover, 1941, Reynal & Hitchcock) No rating

The Bachelor's Life by Nathan, George Jean is a book that explores the life of …

I know this was meant to be arch but the tone was unbearably smug and the misogyny and racism seemed excessive even for 1941. It also, insult to injury, dispenses with talking about bachelorhood about a chapter in and digresses into fully just this guy complaining about things (mainly how rich he is)