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  1. Uberworked and underpaid by 

    No rating

    "This book is about the rise of digital labor. Companies like Uber and Amazon Mechanical Turk promise autonomy, choice, and …

  2. Anarchist Accounting by 

    No rating

    This book is about accounting in an alternative libertarian socialist economic system. It explores what information and transactions we need …

  3. Cybernetic Revolutionaries by 

    No rating

    Eden Medina tells the history of two intersecting utopian visions, one political and one technological. The first was Chile's experiment …

  4. Platform Capitalism by 

    4 stars

    What unites Google and Facebook, Apple and Microsoft, Siemens and GE, Uber and Airbnb? Across a wide range of sectors, …

    Jamie says:

    This one is always recommended to me, but I haven't read it. I just picked up Muldoon's Platform Socialism, though, which I'm hoping has some more constructive advice and examples of more recent experiments and alternatives. I gather that Muldoon draws a lot from Smicek's work, too.

  5. Radical Friends by ,

    5 stars

    Radical Friends brings together the leading voices in the DAO, NFT, crypto-art, Web3, and blockchain scene to unpack and elucidate …

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