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On dialogue (1996, Routledge) 4 stars

`During the past few decades, modern technology, with radio, television, air travel and satellites has …

Short and worth it. Starts off with a very readable meditation on how people communicate, the magic / "new things" that can come if multiple parties are interested in moving past negotiation and into dialogue. Second half - Less about the dialogue parts, more philosophical about what can be possible if we could just figure out dialogue, as a species.

The Library Beyond The Book (2014, Harvard University Press) 4 stars

With textbook readers and digital downloads proliferating, it is easy to imagine a time when …

just like the title says, the library beyond the book

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Short but not too short, academic but not dry and tedious, an exploration of the library beyond the book, including reading rooms, mobile library, and community-centers in western civilizations. Worth a re-read. Has pictures. Great for any lover of libraries.