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Lesley McDowell: Clairmont (2024, Wildfire Communications, Limited) 2 stars

Absolutely not for me

2 stars

I eagerly started this highly-rated novel about Clair Clairmont, being very interested in reading about her. After having finished it I can't understand the glowing reviews. I didn't care for it at all, finding it disjointed, tedious and brimming with unlikable, boring characters (Mary Shelley! Byron! Boring?!) wandering around in mind-numbingly dull settings (including the Year Without Summer FFS!) that skip back and forth in time. Not for me! Two stars only because I actually finished it.

reviewed The Tainted Cup by Robert Jackson Bennett (Shadow of the Leviathan, #1)

Robert Jackson Bennett: The Tainted Cup (2024, Del Rey) 4 stars

An eccentric detective and her long-suffering assistant untangle a web of magic, deceit, and murder …

Quite liked it

3 stars

A fantasy murder mystery served with a dollop of Pacific Rim, garnished with a hint of The Goblin Emperor, and a tiny sprig of romance. It was nicely written with interesting world-building and enjoyable characters; Ana, in particular, was a delight. The murder plot and its somewhat deflated resolution kept this at a 3-star rating for me. Though the opportunity is rarely afforded in fantasy whodunits, I like to follow along and solve crimes too! While it didn't guarantee a sequel a place on my to-read list, I might try more from this author.

Courtney Milan: The Duchess War 4 stars

Too sweet and easy for me

3 stars

The first novel in the Brother's Sinister series and my second Milan book. Again I found the romance much too rushed, and the male protagonist implausibly perfect. Also implausible is the notion of a peer thinking and acting as the Duke of Clermont does in this book. It just didn't work for me, I could not suspend my disbelief enough to accommodate it.

Milan writes nicely and delivers escapism but I don't really enjoy her books. There simply isn't enough angst or "realistic" characters who behave credibly in them for my tastes.

Melinda Taub, Amy Hoggart: The Scandalous Confessions of Lydia Bennet, Witch (AudiobookFormat, 2023) 3 stars

A sparkling, witchy reimagining of Pride and Prejudice, told from the perspective of the troublesome …

I prefer original flavour

3 stars

A magical version of Lydia Bennet's story in her own words. I'm no Janeite but do enjoy reading Austen, her sparkling prose and ability to make "dull" romance/marriage plots interesting and funny is always a delight. I'm also fond of fantasy and a good retelling, but I did not enjoy "The Scandalous Confessions..." very much. The magic system was dull, the various subplots tedious, and I didn't care for the writing. I was vaguely bored throughout and didn't care about what happened to any of the characters. Original flavour for me from now on.

Kaliane Bradley: The Ministry of Time (2024, Simon & Schuster) 4 stars

In the near future, a civil servant is offered the salary of her dreams and …

Not what I was hoping for

3 stars

I was excited to read this as the premise is brilliant. Sadly, I found it a bit of a dud. The story got progressively less engaging and incorporated a “twist” I found trite, and the middling resolution made the whole story weaker. No characters were particularly engaging and I found the arctic chapters and the musings of the main character more of a distraction than an enhancement. I didn't particularly care for the writing style, and also lampshading something doesn't magically make it not bad. All told, an ok read but not a book for me.