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Howard Hughes: The Bands of Mourning: A Mistborn Novel (2001, GOLLANCZ) 4 stars

Three hundred years after the events of the Mistborn trilogy, Scadrial is now on the …

I want a language medallion

5 stars

I love how this one starts to explore some of the more interesting ways the Scadrial magic systems can be utilized. Mistborn and the Cosmere at large work with hard rules that make the magic systems feel intuitive and understandable. It's opening the doors for some really interesting technology coming out of this world in the future.

Brandon Sanderson: The Alloy of Law (Hardcover, 2011) 4 stars

"Three hundred years after the events of the Mistborn trilogy, Scadrial is on the verge …

Ever wanted western fantasy?

5 stars

The original Mistborn trilogy has a traditional fantasy setting, maybe as late as Victorian, but this one is a bit more modern than that. Alloy of Law is set a couple hundred years later when they've discovered things like electricity and trains. Sort of a western vibe, though most of the story takes place in the city. This was actually only supposed to be a one-off story to showcase how things have progressed on Scadrial, the Mistborn planet, but people loved reading it, and Sanderson loved writing it, so this accidentally became the first in a series of four books.

Brandon Sanderson: Shadows of Self (Hardcover, 2015, Tor Books) 4 stars

Shadows of Self shows Mistborn’s society evolving as technology and magic mix, the economy grows, …

Never enough Mistborn

5 stars

Having decided to extend Wax and Wayne's tenure well beyond the initially planned single story in Alloys of Law, this book takes an opportunity to dive into characters' histories and personalities to flesh them out for the coming ride. It's pretty great.

Brandon Sanderson: The Hero of Ages (Paperback, 2009, Tor Fantasy) 4 stars

Who is the Hero of Ages?

To end the Final Empire and restore freedom, Vin …

An excellent conclusion

5 stars

This didn't seem like epic fantasy two books ago, did it? Well turns out there's be some serious s...tuff brewing in the background this whole time, and it's coming to a head. This is a great conclusion to the trilogy, and it's the first time you get a good look at how things work in the Cosmere.

Brandon Sanderson: The Well of Ascension (Paperback, 2019, Tor Fantasy) 4 stars

The impossible has been accomplished. The Lord Ruler -- the man who claimed to be …

We fixed it! Well, except...

5 stars

So things went great in the first book, but turns out there are consequences for eliminating the sole source of true power in the world for the last millennium. I didn't really expect this sort of sequel, but it was an interesting look at what comes after "victory", and I can't turn down more Mistborn.