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I reads a little of everything, but lean heavily into horror and bizarro fiction.

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Wanderers (Paperback, 2020, Del Rey) 4 stars

The Stand for Realists

5 stars

I was immediately drawn into the bleak world of Wanderers. It reads like The Stand, but with science instead of magic - really, science that appears AS magic. Oddly, it’s the second book I read this year with the same beginning premise of random people mechanically marching for unknown reasons, but Wedig made a lot more of the premise than James Patterson did. Loved the characters, loved the journey, and looking forward to reading the sequel.

Sand (Paperback, 2017, John Joseph Adams Books Paper) 3 stars

In post-apocalyptic Colorado, a state now covered in sand, one family struggles to survive and …

Read this because I really liked his Wool series. While this book was interesting enough, I prefer Wool. Somehow this book seemed rushed, with too many characters and not enough development. It’s a decent read, but I didn’t get the same depth I felt with Wool.