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I'm a married gay looking to meet new friends in the #LGBT community. I enjoy #photography, #writing, #atheist, #politics, #PlexMedia, #Ubuntu, and #Linux. I love hard sci-fi, dystopian societies, and young adult literature.

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Seeker (2006, Ace Books) 4 stars

"Near the end of the twenty-seventh century, when the interstellar age was just dawning, two …

Great Read!

5 stars

Seeker is the third Alex Benedict novel from Jack McDevitt. We follow Alex on a new adventure from the viewpoint of his assistant, Chase Kolpath. Alex and Chase face harrowing circumstances as they search for a lost colony that left Earth over 9,0000 years ago.

A small cup with a mysterious name and logo on it turned up at their antiquities business, Rainbow. From there, they must find out where the cup came from and that leads to an adventure, and payout, of a lifetime.

I enjoyed the story, but it felt like a copy of the previous two books with the details changed. Alex and Chase have to dodge assassins and saboteurs to find their prize. I really liked that Chase got to spend so much time with the Mutes while she was doing her research. It gave me a lot of perspective about them and they’re not so …

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Seeker (2006, Ace Books) 4 stars

"Near the end of the twenty-seventh century, when the interstellar age was just dawning, two …

I haven't been reading as consistently as I should, but I'm still reading. I finally got to the real meat and potatoes of this book. It looks like this is the author's pattern.

Polaris (2004, Ace Books) 4 stars

Another Great Book by Jack McDevitt

5 stars

Polaris is book two in the Alex Benedict series by Jack McDevitt. Unlike the first one, Polaris is narrated by Chase instead of Alex. Alex and Chase risk their lives to uncover the secret of what happened to the passengers and pilot aboard the Polaris some sixty years ago.

After going on a scientific mission to see a star be consumed by a wandering white dwarf, the pilot radios in that they're about to depart for home. The only problem is they never make it. A ship is dispatched to investigate, but upon getting there, they find the Polaris eerily abandoned. Alex and Chase must piece together the clues risking their own lives to solve the mystery once and for all.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book, but I felt it was almost a rehash of Talent for War. It's as if McDevitt used the same formula as the first book. …