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Poet. Author of The Apidictor Tapes, The Knowledge Weapon, E.D. Liberations, The Five Parts of Love. Bookworm.

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Chronicles from the Land of the Happiest People on Earth (Paperback, 2021, Random House Large Print) 5 stars

Do Not Read The Blurb

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This book is another case of 'badly-blurbed book'. I knew nothing about the book or its author and went just by the blurb when I chose it. The blurb, however, does not do the book any favors. It has spoilers, for instance, that reach far into the novel. And it misses the central theme of the book. Also, this book - and it is a GOOD book, imho, - takes time. It makes slow reading unless you are familiar with Nigerian / African contemporary culture. If you are willing to invest this time, the story is quite something.