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Self-professed Tolkien afficionado. Book addict. Will read anything. Preferences: #science, #solarpunk, #scifi and #fantasy.

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Donuts & Dragons's books

Julie Smith: Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before? (2022, Penguin Books, Limited) 4 stars

Drawing on her years of experience as a clinical psychologist, Dr Julie Smith's first book …

A useful self-help guide

5 stars

'Why Has Nobody Told Me THIS Before' is written by clinical psychologist Dr. Julie Smith.

It explains how mental issues work, each chapter ends with useful exercises you can try yourself. This way, you can try working out problems you may have yourself.

If you need more help, the author urges you to get professional help. She acknowledges that help is not available for everyone. This is why she has a presence on social media channels to reach out with advice and excercises you can try.

I found it a very helpful book that I can recommend to friends who struggle with their mental help. Everything she says is grounded in solid scientific and psychological research.

Highly recommended!

Helen Thompson: This book could FIX your life (Paperback, 2021, John Murray Publishers) 4 stars

We all want to be happier, more successful and less stressed, but what really works? …

"This book could FIX your life" goes over topics covered in self-help books. Helen Thompson does a great job in explaining how the body and mind actually work and what science say about these claims. She then goes on distilling tips based on science.

I learned a few new things. The one that stood out most was a suggestion in the chapter about dieting. Scientific studies show that every species has an optimal amount of protein they need on a daily basis. When given a varied diet that contains all nutrients, most animals stop eating as soon as their protein need is fulfilled. When fed low protein, high carb food, they would overeat on calories and stop at the fullfilment of the protein need, thus gaining weight. This could be an explanation for the current obesity pandemic in humans. Lots of the processed foods we eat are low in proteit …