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Mary Doria Russell: Sparrow, The (AudiobookFormat, 2008, Brilliance Audio on CD Unabridged Lib Ed) 4 stars

The Sparrow is a novel about a remarkable man, a living saint, a life-long celibate …

I admit I wondered multiple times whether this book could provide an adequate reasoning for it's horrid premise, but it did eventually deliver. It allows the reader to observe an alien culture together with it's protagonists, and then slides in the key bit of context to turn it into a faith-distilling tragedy.

finished reading Dark Age (Red Rising Series) by Pierce Brown (Red Rising, #5)

Pierce Brown, Tim Gerard Reynolds, John Curless, Moira Quirk, James Langton, Rendah Heywood: Dark Age (Red Rising Series) (AudiobookFormat) 4 stars

He broke the chains. Then he broke the world….

A decade ago Darrow led a …

This was a tough read. It wasn't bad. But because however clever the protagonists are, their enemies have cruel logic in their actions as well. No plan survives contact with the enemy, and these occasions come early and often.

Mika Aaltola: Minne menet Suomi? (EBook, Finnish language, Tammi) No rating

Mika Aaltola is a researcher for the Foreign Policy Institute, and attempted to convert his musings around the flareup of the war against Ukraine into a presidential bid. Now that the effort seems doomed, I took a look at the collection of those musings. It’s fine as a political analysis, but the President’s thought leadership responsibilities are not limited to foreign policy. And his grasp there is more tenuous.

finished reading Amygdala by Sam Fennah (August Few, #1)

Sam Fennah: Amygdala (EBook, 2023) No rating

Content warning Spoilers for Amygdala, sexual violence