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commented on Deerskin by Robin McKinley

Robin McKinley: Deerskin (1994, Ace Books) 4 stars

When her growing beauty begins to resemble her mother's too closely, Princess Lissar must flee …

Finally a story I can identify with and a main character who is a 17 year old girl whom I can identify with so completely. This has never happened before in all the books I have ever read. This book was written for me. I have to read every book by this author.

Robert Repino: D'Arc (2018, Soho Press) No rating

"The startling saga of Mort(e) continues. In the aftermath of the War With No Name, …

This is so terribly written I can't go any further. Something about the way Morte is talking to his female dog friend is pissing me off. This feels like it was written very fast and like the author did not give a shit. So I don't want to give a shit either and read anymore. I was looking forward to finishing this series but I've got to spend my time with some better stuff.