Caliban's War (Expanse 2) (2012, Orbit) 4 stars

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5 stars

The writing style of this series is impeccable. Crass when it needs to be, as well as funny, disjoint, confusing & tense - all these threads woven into a fantastic web of intrigue and suspense. Sometimes a character's disposition or emotional state is given in a five sentence paragraph for dramatic effect. It's incredibly surprising how such a small set of words can be constructed in such a manner that seems to never have occurred to me to arrange like that, yet convey such an impressive statement of fact and emphasis.And then, we have such a thrilling story going on with characters, vernacular and hard sci-fi themes deeper than many contemporary sci-fi stories even begin to attempt.These are the first set of books I'm reading after seeing the TV adaptation, so I'm not going to comment on much of the story here, since for the most part I already knew …