Review of 'Bound (An Alex Verus Novel Book 8)' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

Oh Alex, what fate is woven for you and your friends. These are such fun books. I needed a break in some science-fiction so I dove into the newly released Verus novel. One of those books you can just siphon down because it's easy reading, known characters and a world you can just about relate to.

As usual we have long arcs we're still understanding, some great unveils which in your gut you knew was going to happen, and a few twists that leave you wondering how people will survive going forward. All in Alex Verus style.

Hard for me to come up with words within the book because each book really dovetails with the past. So to tell you how the last one ended for the setup for this one, or how the politics for this one are going to setup for the next.. Well it's all spoiler gone spoiler crazy.

Let's just say that if you've come this far, you're not going to be disappointed--only disappointed knowing that the next book isn't going to be ready for quite a while. :)