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Prelude to Foundation (Paperback, 1991, Bantam) 4 stars

It is the year 12,020 G.E. and Emperor Cleon I sits uneasily on the Imperial …

Mixed feelings.. rose tinted glasses?

2 stars

I remember reading Asimov in HS, which was a lot of years ago. After watching Foundation I wanted to go back and re-read the original source material to see if I could recall the differences and just to recall Asimov's style.

I.. I had trouble reading it. Maybe I've grown too far afield of early(er) Sci-Fi. It was theatrical, like a stage play. It was expositional--heavily, like a stage play. Its ideas were narrow and very not-so-subtle rebrands of what existed in the world. I understand that the future is hard to see to early Sci-Fi but Prelude was written in 1988 which is a far cry from 1970, which is a far cry from 1960+ where when I go to far flung years of sci-fi and they talk about a flying bladed something--it seems unimaginable, but in 1988 recasting movies, books, cars, Amish culture.. just seemed disappointing.

So I'm …