Richard K. Morgan: The Dark Commands (2011, Gollancz) 4 stars

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3 stars

3.5-3.75 heh I split hairs.

This book was neat, the paths through chaos, the fights, the brutality, equanimity, resourcefulness. It's a good read.

I will say I got lost a few times and that's rare. Sometimes I felt like there was a book or chapter I must have missed but that was just the winding of the road I think. If I did a re-read I might piece it together better. Or maybe the next book will resolve some of the missing time and make more lucid the picture.

I disagree sometimes with characters but hey they want to be who they want to be. I'm just that guy in the back of the theater trying to warn them. But alas. They never hear. hehe.

A good continuation of the thread that was started before it. An abrupt ending that has me wanting to know so much more. I need to search for a wiki or definitive guide. There's a lot I just want to know more of. I really enjoy the world building here and again I sense a lot of Moorecock in here. Fun.