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In late 2023 I was gifted a bunch of old Warhammer novels that I’ve decide to get through this year.

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John French: The Solar War (2019, Games Workshop, Limited) 3 stars

After seven years of bitter war, the end has come at last for the conflict …

Siege of Terra: The Solar War review

3 stars

The Solar War, the first novel in the Siege of Terra series details the titular conflict, as the traitor legions make their way through the Solar system to Earth to begin the siege propped. This book is rather plain, I cant particularly say that I enjoyed it that much, but it wasn’t bad to read. One of the flaws of the book is probably the number of characters present, many of whom are new, and are also dead by the end. The afterword explains that French’s intention was to show that in war not every death really means anything, some people just die. I do like this idea, but when these are all new characters with less than a single book worth of characterisation I just didn’t really get attatched. This meant when seeing the characters doing things it just felt somewhat flat. This also hampers the action, which has …

Mike Brooks: The Lion: Son of the Forest (Black Library) 4 stars

After ten thousand years of dreaming, locked in stasis at the heart of his shattered …

The Lion: Son of the Forest review

4 stars

Son of the Forest covers the awakening of Lionel Johnson just prior to the events of the Arks of Omen books and details who the Risen are. The novel does a good job of establishing the Lions character in M42 and his views on what has become of the Imperium over the last 10000 years. The Risen characters are also enjoyable characters to read, seeing how all of them came to become different from the stereotypes of both the Fallen, and the Dark Angels themselves. All of the action is well written too, although I found the final fight at the end of the novel to be a bit overdone. On the whole, the novel is still quite good, and is probably one of the novels I would recommend if someone asked what to read about the modern setting.

Dan Abnett: Ghostmaker (2000, Warhammer) 4 stars

On Monthax, Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt and his Tanith First-and-Only await the order to advance into …

Gaunt’s Ghosts: Ghostmaker review

4 stars

Yet again, another good novel as everyone knows to expect from Gaunt’s Ghosts and Abnett. This novel delves a lot more into the characters from Tanith which I really appreciate. Milo is probably one of my favorite characters so far, up there with Gaunt himself. So as expected, another great book, look forward to the next one.