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Fyodor Dostoevsky: The Adolescent (Russian language) 5 stars

The Adolescent (Russian: Подросток, romanized: Podrostok), also translated as A Raw Youth or An Accidental …

I’ll have my idea!

5 stars

Delayed reading this for the longest time. This doesn’t fit with the standard full-length Dostoevsky novel—that is, the main character is not demented nor neurotic/paranoid (take that Tolstoy)—he just happens to be an ‘adolescent’ (arguably the same thing) and this is entirely in first person (also a little odd but not new, ref: HOTD).

There is still, however, the ardent devotion to an idea

"I'll never be alone now as I was for all those terrible years before I'll have my idea with me, which I'll never betray, even in the event that I like them all there, and they give me happiness, and I live with them for ten years!"

…and some Shatov-esque passages on atheism and God (suicide too, except far less ‘Shatovian’ as Makar actually condemns the act outright—with none of Shatov’s nuance in attitude towards the act)

Some have gone through all learning and are …

Lewis Wolpert: Malignant Sadness (Paperback, 2001, Faber and Faber) 2 stars

This Isn’t Even the One He Plagiarised…

2 stars

Wolpert achieved nothing here except render an amalgam of stats and facts about depression (a good many of these now being outdated). The introduction is the only part which reflects his personal experience with depression / makes this worth reading—everything else can be found online or in a textbook.

2/5 He should have stuck with writing textbooks, ‘Principles of Development’ is a 5/5.