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Brandi Wells: The Cleaner (Hardcover, 2024, Hanover Square Press) 5 stars

“Welcome to the office building at night, an eerie ship helmed by one woman desperate …

Even if you love your work, management will hammer you into mediocrity

5 stars

Here we have a workplace satire where the employees don’t even have names, just reductive titles like Scissors Guy (who steals all the scissors) or Leftovers (who leaves leftovers in her desk) or Porn Guy (who shares porn gifs back and forth with another guy). There’s the Intern, the CEO, and of course, the Cleaner.

I don’t use the buzzword “unputdownable” lightly, if at all in my reviews. And it looks like the word “propulsive” is also enjoying some buzz right now. But I actually did struggle to put down The Cleaner. I didn’t want to stop reading — I needed to know what the Cleaner would do next, if she would get caught, what would go wrong.

This story was more about the people unseen, how they were judged by the trash they left behind more than what they could actually be seen doing and saying to people. The …