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Fannie's last supper (2010, Hyperion) 3 stars

Review of "Fannie's last supper" on Goodreads

3 stars

An interesting mix of history and cooking and history of cooking, but falls flat at the end with its determination to try to draw a conclusion about what is lost and gained when you spend more time in the kitchen. [return][return]I liked the delivery of the historical information, even if it was sometimes repetitive from chapter to chapter. (Often it seemed as if each chapter was mean to stand alone.) It was interesting to learn about Boston of 100 and 200 years ago, and how cooking and available foodstuffs changed since those points. Sometimes it was hard to follow what era we were talking about - I would assume 1900 and then find out later in the period that he meant 1800, the better to explain what changed between 1800 and 1900 before comparing to present-day. [return][return]Repetition was also a problem with the portrayal of Fannie Farmer - over and …