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Some variety of left-wing eco type. I think capitalism is the cause of inequality and ecological catastrophe.

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Ivo Andrić: The Bridge on the Drina (1977, University of Chicago Press) 4 stars

A vivid depiction of the suffering history has imposed upon the people of Bosnia from …

Review of 'The Bridge on the Drina' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

A masterpiece. This book should be better known among Anglophone readers! To a modern reader, Andrić's casual racism can be jarring; often the Muslim characters are cut-outs or stereotypes. The Serbian characters have richer internal lives and their awakening nationalism is described in terms of an unstoppable destiny.

All those criticisms aside, "The Bridge on the Drina" evokes four hundred years of life under Ottoman rule in the town of Višegrad with warmth and humanity. The book is composed of vignettes from the lives of the people of the town , the surrounding villages and of occupiers and invaders as they move on and around the bridge. These vignettes unfold in roughly chronological order, from the time during the sixteenth century before the bridge is commissioned, through the saga of its construction and its four hundred-year existence, until the bridge is destroyed during the first world war.

Despite its location …