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The Magic Mountain (1996, Tandem Library) No rating

One of the most influential and celebrated German works of the 20th century has been …

“…the extraordinary pastness of our story results from its having taken place before a certain turning point, on the far side of a rift that has cut deeply through our lives and consciousness.”

The Magic Mountain by 

He’s talking about the “Great War”, but hooo boy does this already resonate, and I’m only in the forward.

A People's History of Computing in the United States (2018) 4 stars

Does Silicon Valley deserve the credit it gets for digital creativity and social media? Joy …

Early personal computing as creating community, not consumers

4 stars

The history of “time-share” computing networks in several educational institutions in the 60s and seventies. Really explores how these systems created computing “citizens” by empowering users and emphasizing the community aspects of the systems.