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Just an academic librarian. Avid reader, book blogger, reviewer. Student of #Tarot, oracle cards, and cartomancy.

"Knowledge is Power. Guard it well."

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Ryan Holiday, Stephen Hanselman: The Daily Stoic : 366 meditations on wisdom, perseverance, and the art of living 4 stars

One quote and a short writeup for each day of the year, 366 days total. …

Quick impressions

3 stars

Quick impressions: If you want to have a daily message on how to live life better and some advice, this book is a good option. It can also be a good option for readers who want a short daily read that is also secular.

(Full review available on my blog.)

Scott Montgomery: 2000 AD Encyclopedia (2022, Rebellion) 5 stars

From A.B.C. Warriors to Zenith ! Meticulously researched and compiled for comics fans everywhere, the …

Quick impressions

5 stars

Quick impressions: The volume overall is comprehensive and informative. The volume also includes a cover story (how the book came about), a key for the front cover art (so you can identify all the characters), and a list of editorial credits. In the end, it's well worth it.

(Full review on my blog soon.)

Brian Keene: Earthworm Gods (Paperback, 2012, Eraserhead Press) 1 star

One day, it starts raining-and never stops. Global super-storms decimate the planet, eradicating most of …

Quick impressions

1 star

Quick impressions: I felt this one may not be the author's best. Pacing and narrative were fairly slow, especially in the first act before the second story begins.

(Full review on my blog soon.)