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Death's End (2017, Head of Zeus) 4 stars

Half a century after the Doomsday Battle, the uneasy balance of Dark Forest Deterrence keeps …

The science is really good though

4 stars

I'm still at odds with this book and the whole trilogy. This one is better than the second books but it's still just okay 🤷🏼 Everything about the science is top notch though. I like the explanations, he doesn't overdo it, but it's still thorough enough to get the gist of the idea. If somebody was struggling to find a sci-fi book, because he/she already read so many, this would be a good contender, especially if it should be more about the science and less about the characters. This is the biggest weakness though: the characters seem so one-dimensional. Cheng Xin as the protagonist in this book did have a tiny bit more deepness than usual, but all surrounding characters were lacking. 艾AA was built up as the fun but clever character by Cheng Xin, but she never did anything fun really. Luo Ji was just there I guess (without …

The Dark Forest (2015) 4 stars

"With the scope of Dune and the rousing action of Independence Day, this near-future trilogy …

"I guess I have to read the whole story now"

3 stars

That was my first thought after finishing the first novel in the trilogy. This second book didn't change that much in my thinking. It's still okay, I liked some aspects, such as the whole 'Wallfacer' idea, but it still had a few very weird subplots, that just seem so out of place. The whole romantic subplot made me cringe, it reminded me of mail order brides. The feelings, decisions and personality of the woman in question are unimportant. Maybe that's a cultural thing but there were so many pages about this whole thing and it's just weird.

The whole idea of the dark forest is interesting, the droplet was also a good part. I wish he put more time into the characters and the story, not just into the science. That's the thing, I remember most of the science, but the characters are all very much replaceable.

In the end, …

The Dark Forest (2015) 4 stars

"With the scope of Dune and the rousing action of Independence Day, this near-future trilogy …

This whole romantic subplot is so weird. Seriously considering to stop with the book ... I hope there's some huge twist, because as of now, I don't get why there were so many pages dedicated to this.

The Hines plot is getting interesting. The others are also going in some direction, where I am questioning why so many people think that Cixin Liu is considered being a good writer.

The Three-Body Problem (Hardcover, 2014, Tor Books) 4 stars

Within the context of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, a military project sends messages to alien …

Sci-Fi from a different persepective

4 stars

I was surprised to read a Chinese sci-fi novel, but it's an interesting perspective on it. At first I thought this is going to be all about China, being for or against the CCP regime and a bit of sci-fi sprinkled on it, but it was the opposite!

The parts that were leaning on it being in China were great, it's a different view on how to write sci-fi, which is usually VERY centered on the US. I hope for more non-US authors in the sci-fi world, there's a lot to explore here.

The ending surprised me, because I read through it much faster than I thought. This should be a good thing, but I only noticed how far in I was, because I couldn't believe that this is how it's gonna end. It was a bit disappointing, but it's a trilogy, so and it felt very much written in …

The Unbearable Lightness of Being (2009) 4 stars

The Unbearable Lightness of Being (Czech: Nesnesitelná lehkost bytí) is a 1984 novel by Milan …

An unusual novel

5 stars

I didn't know much about this one, didn't read any information on it, I don't even know who suggested it to me but I was positively surprised!

I like how chaotic the story is, it makes it feel more real, just like you'd remember some details about a story. The author also goes very meta at points, breaking the fourth wall and even describes some points about philosophy and history, as this story is set in the time of the Velvet Revolution. It's one of those books, that I want to read again just as I finish it.

The weird thing about it is, that I wouldn't know how to recommend this book to anyone. It's not that it's too hard to understand or too weird. It's somehow weird and "normal" at the same time. The protagonists and their stories are bizarre but seem so ordinary. Revolutions and big things …