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Die Ermordung des Commendatore Band 1 (Paperback, German language, 2018, DuMont Buchverlag GmbH & Co. KG) No rating

Allein reist der namenlose Erzähler und Maler ziellos durch Japan. Schließlich zieht er sich in …

Just another Murakami (in a good way)

4 stars

It may sound wrong, but this is just another one of his books, describing mundane tasks, awkward interactions and weird description of sex scenes. I don't know why I love this so much, but I do.

I have a hard time describing noteworthy points, as with all of his books, there's usually no big twist, no big and important overarching plot. It's just some dude, going through his daily routine, some (paranormal) stuff happens, but he's just trying to deal with it. Not in a very brave way, just to survive and have a normal life.

Of course there are big events in this book, there is progress in the plot, but it's just something that happens. He's not the plot, he's just part of it, trying to make the best of what other people are doing.

I just enjoy exactly that. What happens if some paranormal stuff would really …

The Dark Tower (2016, Pocket Books) 4 stars

“The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.”

In a desolate …

I don't get why people like this

2 stars

People say this is a good book and series but I can't agree to that. It's just chaotic and doesn't make any sense, the writing seems overly dramatic and "flowery", meaning he describes things so weird, with weird details and weird metaphors. I couldn't even read it to the end and stopped at like 80 or 90%. I have no interest in reading the other novels in the series, it's just not my type of writing I guess. I never liked any Stephen King books until this one and I read a bunch now. It's not getting any better, maybe I should just give up on trying to like his writing.

Metro 2035: Roman (2016, Heyne Verlag) 3 stars

Better than Metro 2034, worse than Metro 2033

3 stars

Yeah, it took me forever to read this book. I listened to this as an audio book, which is why it took me so long.

I'm glad that this one is better than Metro 2034, but sadly not by a huge margin. This book is filled with monologues by Artyom, seriously stupid decisions and unnecessary and predictable plot points. It's sad to see that the author seems to have reached his peak with the first book.

Seriously, the amount of monologues from Artyom, where he preaches to some people, how this and that is important, them listening intensely and whatnot is just plain stupid.

Also: As soon as I read that certain characters from Metro 2034 appeared, I almost didn't want to read any further. That and other characters from the last book weren't as annoying as I thought, though they still didn't help much.

The whole idea of this …

Average is Over (Hardcover, 2013, Dutton) 3 stars

Widely acclaimed as one of the world’s most influential economists, Tyler Cowen returns with his …

Not even average in my opinion

2 stars

I don't know what I was expecting of this book, I seldom read that much into why a book is on my reading list. I get recommendations and if it looks interesting I will save it and probably read it months, if not even years later. This system works most of the time, it didn't this time around.

There are some interesting ideas in this book: The distribution of wealth (at least if we don't do anything about it, which the author says we won't), the distribution of work and the quality of it (same argument as above) and the way we will live (which has some very far fetched ideas).

The last point is one of the most stupid things about this book. He attests, that older people will end up living in the poorest neighborhoods, because it makes sense to live where it is cheapest if you don't …

Embrace your weird: face your fears and unleash creativity (Paperback, 2019, Gallery Books) 4 stars

In Embrace Your Weird, New York Times bestselling author, producer, actress, TV writer, and award-winning …

Am I out of touch? Am I getting old and grumpy? 😱

4 stars

I'm not sure what to say about this book, the whole way it was written was a bit off for my taste. I feel like a grumpy old man saying this, but man, I'm too old for the over the top quirkiness.

I find it admirable that she wants to help people kick-start their creativity, the exercises are a good way to go here and she tries to make it approachable. I think it has some very good parts in it, especially those about projects being more about the process instead of only the goal. The structure was nice, I think she chose a good set of descriptions for the obstacles and how to circumvent them. There are also many good tips on how to make your creative endeavor easier.

It would have been nice if all that excellent information wasn't as hidden. She tries to write a self-help book, …