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Thin Air (AudiobookFormat, 2015, Macmillan Audio) 4 stars

Review of 'Thin Air' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

This was one of the best in the series so far. Much more complicated and dense with relationships and inter-relationships to muddy the story. Definitely well structured and put together.

I'm not sure I'd want to go back and re-read any of the others, but I might consider it for this one.

Review of 'Dead Water' on 'Goodreads'

3 stars

This was a slow one. I'd have to characterize it more as a character piece for Perez and some of his healing process post-Fran. Usually her books have the first death around a quarter of the way in and another at about 40%, but don't really get moving until about 60% of the way in.

This one didn't get going until the final chapters and then came pouring out in one fell swoop in the closing chapters. The build up could have been better structured here; I almost felt like Cleeves phoned it in here. This one has been the least interesting of the series so far, but had some reasonable potential.

Cleeves has also been building up an annoying structural habit of describing everything to the n-th degree throughout a book, but then at the end purposely leaving out one or two specific parts of scenes to drag out …