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Avid reader with a passion for sci fi, spec fic, horror, and political non-fiction.

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Nat Cassidy: Nestlings (2023, Doherty Associates, LLC, Tom, Tor Nightfire) 4 stars

Post-pandemic horror at its finest

4 stars

This fast-paced urban horror story follows a couple who's had a spate of awful luck leading up to and following the birth of their first child. Finally, a chance to move into a storied downtown high-rise overlooking the park seems like a chance to turn things around. Little do they know, the building chose them for a special fate. Gruesome and relatable post-pandemic horror for fans of Rosemary's Baby and Mexican Gothic.

Ray Nayler: The Mountain in the Sea (Hardcover, 2023, W&N) 4 stars

There are creatures in the water of Con Dao. To the locals, they're monsters. To …

Mind-bending, thoughtful spec-fic thriller about non-human intelligence

5 stars

Absolutely adored this book. A lonely scientist is tasked with deciphering possible signals from an apparently advanced species of octopuses on an island in the near-ish future. That's the basic plot, but the author digs into linguistics, AI, non-human intelligence, and communication generally in a gentle and well-paced thriller. Super fun read.

Paul Lynch: Prophet Song (2023, Oneworld Publications) 5 stars

An instant classic that doesn't let you go

5 stars

A harrowing portrait of a rapid descent into fascism taking place in a fictional Ireland ruled by a nationalist party. Haven't stopped thinking about it since I put it down, destined to be a classic of the dystopian genre (although it so close to home it barely qualifies as dystopia.)

Nick Harkaway: Gnomon (2018, Vintage) 4 stars

Gnomon is a 2017 science fiction novel by British author Nick Harkaway. The book deals …

Review of 'Gnomon' on 'Goodreads'

5 stars

A spec-fic masterpiece weaving multiple stories across generations to explore surveillance, resistance, and the power of the human brain.