@eldang bear with me! This is my first status reply! I take it you mean Origin? (I don't love the layout of this page, so it's not 100% clear to me which book you mean.)

Origin - I've been jumping around a bit (as sometimes happens with nonfiction) trying to find a place that'll grab me. I realized one huge incompatibility with my brain and getting hooked here is that I've never been good at time. Like 200 years feels like 600 years, I can't get the sense of the difference. So big revelations like "they thought it was 12000 years ago but it's really 18000 years ago!" is just... I can't feel it. So my eyes glazed over a lot in the whole first section which was a lot of "here's what white people used to think" and while some of the stories were fascinating, I couldn't really glean …

@compostablespork No worries! I have been finding that threading here takes a bit of time to get used to, because it's in that territory of being similar to but not quite like mastodon's, so sometimes I make wrong assumptions. But anyway, yes I did mean Origin. That first section sounds like rehashing arguments that I'm reasonably familiar with (and you clearly already were too), but it's the added detail I'm interested in because I haven't read anything book length on the subject.