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Joakim Bengtsson, Ulrika Lovén: A Strange Fascination: Luna Live 2015-2017 (Paperback, 2017, Joakim Bengtsson) 4 stars

Luna. The band from New York. It was snowing that night 2005. Bowery Ballroom. Then …

Softly spoken tigers

4 stars

I appreciated the slight freeform nature of Joakim's writing, but wished for a bit more from Ulrika, to bring balance and alternate angles. Overall, it's a nice celebration of the way particular bands can worm their way into your soul, as Luna did for me over the years.

Living on the "wrong" side of the world, I've never been the sort to follow bands as they toured; instead, I waited for them to come to Melbourne. I was fortunate to see Luna exactly once, in the late 90s, but was lucky to see some Australian bands multiple times through the years, and came to appreciate the way songs change across the years, depending on the mood, the circumstances, and the lineup. Through this book, I learned plenty about those differences between the gigs, the interplay between band members, and particular moments (awkward or otherwise) of crossover between them and their …

Simon Winchester: River at the Centre of the World, the (Spanish language, 1999, Penguin Books) 5 stars

The River at the Centre of the World

5 stars

A lovely read, from what was a very different time in China’s history even though it wasn’t that long ago now. As predicted, it made me miss China - the landscape, the food, the history, and the lovely people I met there.

Perhaps what I’m looking for next is a book about the Mekong River - while I don’t expect a story quite like this one, I suspect there’s something interesting out there?