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I'm a graduate Computer Science student mainly interested in fantasy novels

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Brandon Sanderson (author): Words of Radiance (Paperback, 2015, Brandon Sanderson, Tor Fantasy) 5 stars

Good sequel that addresses the problems of the previous book

5 stars

In the previous book, pretty much my only problem was Shallan, and in this book she finally gets the character development she needs to be an interesting character. It continues the themes of morality being sometimes ambiguous and the importance of oaths.

Sanderson is a brilliant author, and I continue to enjoy his works. If you are on edge whether to listen to the audiobook version, I would encourage it. Michael Kramer is an amazing voice actor, and Kate Reading's voice for Pattern is just so cute.

Brandon Sanderson: The Way of Kings (Hardcover, 2010, Tor) 4 stars

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson, The Way of Kings, book one …

Fantastic book with only one major flaw

4 stars

The Way of Kings is a worldbuilding masterpiece. Its characters are rich and internally complex, their stories are fascinating, and their motivations compelling (even when you disagree with them). The single exception to this is the Shallan arc.

This is not because Shallan is a bad character, but because she's a decent character surrounded by great ones, and because it takes too long for her arc to connect to the main story.

I highly, highly recommend reading this book, and most of this author's other works.