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Review of 'Little Town on the Prairie' on 'Goodreads'

3 stars

The town of DeSmet survived the long, hard winter, and spring has arrived. Laura gets her first job, as a seamstress, in town, and starts earning money to send Mary to the college for the blind in Iowa. She's a dedicate gal, for sure. This money is enough to send Mary off in the fall. I have no idea what it cost back then, but I'm sure it was a bit out of Pa's reach. Very nice that they figured out a way to send her. Say what you will, the Ingalls family is from hearty stock and they find a way to get it all done.

And romance is in the air! Laura is a grown up now, all of fifteen years old, and Almanzo squires her home from church. She's a bit clueless to his affections, but she walks home with him anyway. And at the end of …